Phantasy Star Beta Extended

Having fun with the beta for Phantasy Star? Sega's official site says it will be extended until 10/21. That's really good news due to Xbox Live being down for 24hrs & the demo coming out late last week

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more bugs than expected? or just cruddy graphics?

Smellslikepie5894d ago

Hmm, now why exactly would they extend the beta if it was just "cruddy graphics". That has no effect on the beta. It'll be because of network issues, and bugs.

The main reason will be because it was delivered late and has been interrupted. Did you even read the article?

Ravenator5295894d ago

I'll be sure to keep playing even though I just picked up my copy of Splinter Cell DA!

(Too bad sarcasm is so hard to show in writing!)

I deleted this POS demo the same day I downloaded it!

Sexius Maximus5894d ago

SEGA just needs to do what they've needed to do for over a decade now. Release a TRUE Phantasy Star sequel. (which would be Phantasy Star 5 for those of you who are counting) Sega's Phantasy Star series was easily on par with Squares Final Fantasy series. Any RPG gamer in their 20's or older would LOVE to see PS5, not these lame MMO titles.

khsmooth5894d ago

..I like the lame MMO titles. I would love a true Phantasy Star sequel and yes it would leave FF in the dust. No question about it. But the MMO version of Phantasy Star is a great way to breath new life in an old IP. It shows how versitle Sega is as a game publisher to switch up their styles with the times. Any Gamer in there 20's and older will recognize that a lot of Sega's ideas were ahead of the times. I say if you take the time to ignore the industry's prospective of what a next-gen game is and look at how deep and fun PSU is you'll immediately find yourself lost in an addictive game.

BIadestarX5894d ago

What's the point, I was unable to connect to the server; so I deleted the freaken demo. I pre-ordered this game, and chances are I will be cancelling it.