MTV- "DuckTales Remastered" Preview -- Pogo Jumping Nostalgia

MTV:"DuckTales Remastered" is exactly what it sounds like -- a completely redone version of the NES game. I could just write it off at that and be done; but, WayForward, best known as the developer that makes magic a reality through fantastic animations and unbelievable sprite art, once again creates a world lifted straight out of the "DuckTales" cartoon. "DuckTales Remastered" has been lovingly recreated with with beautifully recreated backgrounds referencing the cartoon and reimagining the old game in full HD graphics. Bewteen the pogo jump, run cycles, and hop and bop action, the animations are so perfect that's it's like playing Disney magic.

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sovietsoldier1980d ago

i like to see chip&dale rescue rangers remastered.

Tres211980d ago

yeaa off topic that C&D use 2 be fun when u turned on each other & started tryin 2 throw the other

FamilyGuy1980d ago

How much are they planning on charging for this game?

I never played the original game but the nostalgia factor from watching the show so much growing up has me interested.

ZeekQuattro1980d ago

$14.99 in America elsewhere I have no idea.