Why Do We Care About "Fake Girl Gamers?"

CheatCC Says: "For the past several months, there has been a scandal regarding girl gamers circulating around the Internet. Guy gamers are saying that many of these girl gamers are fake and are pretending to like games for the attention. These accusations have become so common they have their own image macro! The Idiot Nerd Girl meme shows an attractive female gamer proclaiming her like for a certain game or franchise and then exhibiting a lack of experience of it."

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Root2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

because they make girls who are actual into games look bad, the ones who like games because they've always been into them and not just doing it for social gimmick like reasons.

I mean because of this they usually end up being grouped together with the "Fake Girl Gamer" label and you never know if one you come across is genuine or doing it for attention.

I blame the Wii for this to be honest, when it came out in 2006 that is when the casual audience was introduced and made gaming more popular and mainstream. I mean I know back when games first came out with the NES or later on as the install base grew with the PS1 that they were never targeted towards females and there was only a small percentage of females who were gamers but even then it was a lot easier to come across a girl gamer who liked games because they enjoy the hobby rather then liking them because "it's cool"

Polva2034d ago

It was an issue even before the Wii, but it got particularly bad around 2007, the time Big Bang Theory started airing.

And it does make those that are genuinely interested and experienced in games look bad. Someone's automatic assumption is that a female who plays video games, only does so for attention and is bad at them. That is not always the case, but it's a lot of people's immediate reaction.

Root2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Yeah the Big Bang Thoery didn't help...even before that though you started to see the "Geek" stereotype grow into a new trend where it was now cool, kind of like a fashion statement in some places.

Within this new geek trend you have things which people think you need to make yourself part of the trend. This consists of...

Those thick black glasses

Geek T-Shirts...I know people like to think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory started this off but in fact it was Roy from IT Crowd which got a small interest in these shirts. People were always ringing up Channel 4 to see where they got his shirts from making someone do a site on it. If you haven't seen IT it, it's hilarious and much better then the Big Bang Theory

Classic film knowledge of old TV shows, cartoons and films (Alien, Back to the Future, Ghostrbusters, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek etc)

and last of all, the most interest in video games

That's why people do this, they think to get into this new trend they HAVE to like video games. I might be wrong on this and I apologise but in MY experience I've seen more girls in highscool/college do this then males, probably because most other males are trying to get into their social groups with sports like Football, I live in the UK so football is obviously a big deal here.

"That is not always the case, but it's a lot of people's immediate reaction."

and that is why we should care about fake girl gamers because of the negative light actual girl gamers and fake girl gamers have to share because of people thinking like that

Blacktric2034d ago

"the time Big Bang Theory started airing"

Jesus christ why do you have to remind me that... WHY?!?



Snookies122034d ago

I laugh at those pictures and pass right by them. Nothing attractive about being a fake.

_QQ_2034d ago

Allot of models male or female don't have intrest in the product they are advertising.Sex sells, everyone knows that.These Models are just doing their job, i don't believe that makes them any less attractive.

admiralvic2034d ago

What does this have to do with the topic at hand? It's not like we're talking about models or any sort of professional that works in the game industry on any level, but girls that act a certain way to get attention. Besides the fact your point is completely irrelevant, you completely miss the issue too.

When it comes to starting a relationship with someone, people generally look for mutual interests. When it comes to gamers and more nerdy people, most of them are looking for a mate with similar interests. While some people might disagree with with this, I recently questioned my friend dating a girl because she never saw the following movies (anything listed includes the whole franchise)...

Evil Dead.
Back to the Future.
Jurassic Park.
Star Wars.
Indiana Jones.
and many much niche things.

Needless to say, I don't think I would want to date a girl that doesn't understand my interests and look at the "fakes" with disapproval. It's like trying to be trendy by being fake, which in turn makes you look worse. I feel the same about girls that wear lenseless glasses (so just the frames), shirts with meanings they don't understand (similar to this, but not really) and of course girls that look at gaming like a fashion trend.

_QQ_2034d ago

I am talking about Models that advertise games,game merchandise, or gaming websites that often recieve the same treatment.

fblan0012034d ago

there is no such thing.

Deeke2034d ago

Girls play teh vidya?! Lies!!

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