Gran Turismo 6 "huge amount of artwork and screenshots"

Sended to us by the Portuguese press team of Sony, we got handed over a a big number of screenshots & artwork

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FamilyGuy2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Looks amazing, as was expected, but some of these cars just look down right sexy.

GT6 has taken over N4G

Riderz13372008d ago

Yeah lol it's amazing how every story on the top page of N4G is about GT6. It's been like that ALL day.

Y_51502008d ago

There's only one racing game that can do that. And that's GT!

Cam9772008d ago

"Sended to us"
Please tell me this site is foreign.

HurtfulTimez2008d ago

Cant wait! looks like another 2-3 years of DFGT abuse lol!

r212008d ago

Brace yourselves, kill joy mc one bubs are coming.

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