What Makes Call of Duty Addictive?

Every year, one game in particular is guaranteed to sell by the truckload, regardless of any evolution in the actual gameplay itself. And that game is Call of Duty. We get the games in staggered releases - one year we get a Treyarch incarnation, and another year they release one from Infinity Ward. In essence, they are basically the same game, but with different stories, guns and abilities.

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ltachiUchiha1983d ago

I think its because there are so many ppl that play it & its pretty easy to just pick up and play no matter how much of a noob u are. Also your bound to have alot of friends or family who play it so its just something ppl do even if it aint their favorite game they will still enjoy it because their friends are playing it too. I got tired of the series after modern warfare 2 but still though call of duty 4 was my favorite cod game.

SirBradders1983d ago

Regardless of rating cod is aimed at kids and is a kids game.

Majin-vegeta1983d ago

Anyone can get kills even if you're bad.

admiralvic1983d ago

Nothing makes CoD addictive, it just so happens to have some perks that makes it appealing to people.

1) Good chance your friends will buy it.
2) Generally holds value. Say what you will about CoD, but the price of those games generally hold steady at MSRP (of course there is always sales / deals to get it for less), there aren't GOTY editions to wait for and the online is too big die out too early. That's one problem with niche games (like NeverDead), some of them sell so badly that finding a party on day 1 is hard.
3) Fairy straight forward. CoD has some depth and some skill is involved, but you can be completely unaware of so many things and still do perfectly alright.

brich2331983d ago

COD makes people happy because its so easy to get kills, and it rewards you as you level up and unlock.

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The story is too old to be commented.