Why Do People Keep Playing Animal Crossing?

IGN - We explore the evolution of the series with its creators, and ask why people keep playing.

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Nyxus1981d ago

I've been playing the DS version since 2006.

Root1981d ago

It's a great series thats why

Although saying that I feel they don't add as much as they could into the games

New Leaf features stuff which should of been in City Folk

I really want them to get to the point where over time, if you want you can shape your ordinary town into anything you want as you expand it. I would love to be able to save enough bells to expand my town by a ton then create a small city with skyscrapers with apartments you can own and move your favourite neighbours into so you all live under one roof.

Jek_Porkins1981d ago

As a male adult, I have to admit that the Animal Crossing series is absolutely one of my favorites, the Gamecube version is still my favorite of the series, and I think the television commercials got me interested in it, they were set up like The Real World, and were cute, funny and the game kept playing even when you weren't, which was inventive at the time.

1981d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.