Staff Musings: The importance of videogame box art - Pixelitis

With the Pixelitis Picks from a few weeks back being on the worst box art gamers have ever set their eyes on, it made Allain think more about the importance of every little detail that’s used to present a game.

Videogame companies make the cover of their games mainly to appease to specific consumers, and it’s equally important for the box to be presentable when it becomes part of a videogame collection.

As a graphic design graduate, one of the most important lessons that Allain learned when it comes to designing anything related to advertisements is that you must always make sure that it’s CRAP. CRAP is a design term, short for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.

For example, look at the logo placement on the spine of these Sims 3 expansions. The repetition, alignment and proximity are all out of whack and it’s enough to drive any videogame collector or OCD-driven person mad. It’s the videogame equivalent of having a book series where all the books are gothic bla...

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