15 upcoming PlayStation Vita games for 2013 and beyond

GamesRadar - PS Vita really doesn't get the love it deserves. It's a fantastic piece of tech, it's developer friendly, and Sony has learned huge lessons from the Vita that it's carried through to PlayStation 4. So it's a shame that its upcoming catalog of games is relatively small. Still, there are some excellent games on that list, and we've rounded up the best 15 right here.

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TacoTaru2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Other than the FF one that I already played not a single JRPG in the bunch. Makes me sad.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2034d ago

well Tales of Xilla in August even tho its not a Vita title.

TheDivine2034d ago

The 3ds has the jrpg genre in lockdown.

Tales of the Abyss
Devil Survivor 1 and 2
Dragon Quest 7
Etrian Odyssey 4
Soul Hackers
Fire Emblem
Project X Zone
Mario and Luigi
Paper Mario
Bravely Default
And a billion other titles.

I really hope vita starts getting more RPGs because its why I bought one. The psp had a good selection but the vita is sparse all around. Beside P4 and FFX there's not much else. A new Y's is coming also so that's a start I guess.

rainslacker2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Dunno know why, but it seems all these lists I've seen lately don't even mention the Ys or Valhalla Knights game coming in September. Also Muramasa Rebirth releases next month.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2034d ago

Hotline Miami
Killzone: Mercenary
Dragon's Crown
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
Jak & Daxter Collection
Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy X-2 HD
Men's Room Mayhem
Counter Spy
Lone Survivor

thechosenone2034d ago

bub 1+ thank you. I feakin' hate these sites that make you click each time to see the full list.

3-4-52033d ago

Solid list. I just bought a psp and love my 3DS so I won't be buying a Vita anytime soon.

It's good to know that when I do decide to buy one 1-3 years from now that these games will be waiting there for me to play.

Half-Mafia2034d ago

Something is wrong with this article, it says the Vita has games. But according to the internet it doesn't.

Acquiescence2034d ago

Doki-Doki Universe and Hohokum in there personally. They both look exquisite.

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The story is too old to be commented.