Fizziology breaks down social media buzz surrounding next Xbox... err, 'Xbox 720'

GameZone writes, "With Microsoft set to unveil its new console next week, social media research firm Fizziology has turned its attention towards the chatter surrounding the next Xbox. And while what they found isn't too surprising, it's certainly interesting. And possibly useful."

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brbobcat1981d ago

It's pretty interesting that most people are obsessed with the name... It's just a name people! I care about whether I can play my old games or whether I have to be connected to the freaking internet at all times

Dlacy13g1981d ago

agreed... this kind of data research always intrigues me.

1nsaint1981d ago

I still hope it's gonna be xbox 420

xDHAV0K24x1981d ago

why 420? I like the idea of numbers after the console name like Atari did

Kingthrash3601981d ago

@ xdhavokx
you my friend, are a square.
who dosent know what 420 means lol.....shit im celebrating 420 RIGHT NOW!

Tapioca Cold1980d ago

I bet your nine years old.

Axonometri1981d ago

But don't you want it to sound cool when it rolls off your tongue? Don't you want to feel the oozing of your brains out your ear and the pixels flowing through your veins to your beating heart when your GF complains how your spending more time with your new Xbox ------- than quality time rubbing her feet?

3-4-51979d ago

If it was called the X-Butt, and it had 20 amazing games shipping at launch, people would buy it by the millions.

More important than the name is the games available.

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Qrphe1981d ago

Xbox 720, Xbox 361, Xbox 8, Xbox Next, all these will be gone in less than a month fortunately

GalacticEmpire1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Less than a week you mean?

M-M1981d ago

To be honest, the only reason why people think "Always Online" is true, is that Adam Orth made such a big deal about it.

Jek_Porkins1981d ago

"Gamers are, overall, reacting to the next Xbox more positively. Fizziology's research indicates 32% positive sentiment towards the next Xbox compared to just 10% of negative sentiment in all conversation surrounding it. It's about the same as the reaction to Sony's PS4 announcement."

Very interesting indeed, I think during Microsoft's show, they will dominate social media for the next few days to come, I'm ready for the influx of information and media blitz that will follow.

greenpowerz1981d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

So imagine what the xbox reaction % would be if the S.D.F. and pro Sony media had never went crazy with that smear campaign bringing along the rest of the media that needed traffic?

You also have to account for trolls that track xbox related topics that purposely throw opinion/polls/topics like GalacticEmpire(lying in wait 24/7 for xbox news to stealth troll or spin).
I'm sure N4G isn't the only site that has been controlling what news gets through either(lets bad 720 news in and censors the good) so you have to factor in these issues as well. I guess what I explained above is the reason Pro Sony forces did what they did.

These sites are paying the price though (N4G). Losing millions of hits in just a few years being in the top 100 sites and falling in the top 500. No xbox fans and Nintendo fans on N4G when their fan bases are bigger because people have a feeling N4G is in bed with Sony in many ways.

Once the masses see for themselves what MSFT has to offer without being influenced by groups with agendas allowing people to make up their own minds and form their own opinions 32% will jump to 70%

I'll probably get banned again for this. They ban some of us any chance they get. I've been banned 3 times in less than 8 weeks. Most of the time it was because PS3 fans didn't like what I said in xbox articles :p

HurtfulTimez1980d ago

get over yourself and stop crying i remember coming to N4g a few years back and 360 trolls where everywhere same goes for gametrailers and ign NOW these sites are full of people who love the ps3.

the times and tides have changed now. people are beginning to realise that the ps3 is a better console and are voicing there opinion why it is just like the 360 fans were doing a few years back and now they dont like it because their precious favourite console is not getting the praise it did a few years back.

whereas the ps3 is getting the praise that the 360 once had and people (360 fanboys)cant take it so they blame the sites! stop putting the blame on others and just endure the hate what ps3 fans had to suffer a few years back.
or if u want to find a site where the 360 gets the comments you want to see go there instead.

Kingthrash3601981d ago

people were counting down the days for the ps4 far I haven't seen that for xbox*****************

Jek_Porkins1981d ago

I don't know man, I've seen a lot of countdowns for the next Xbox reveal, Major Nelson even Tweeted the code for one, so here ya go!

Knight_Crawler1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@KingtofTrash - just because you are not looking for it, doesn't mean that it does not excise.

Also this is MS we are talking the people who have a Gears and Halo midnight party release with thousands of people attending.

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