Ripten DS Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Ripten writes: "Crystal Chronicles always tends to feel like Final Fantasy-lite– a little simpler, a little cuter, and a little more action-oriented. Of course, in the first title for GameCube it wasn't simpler, because you had to have a stack of Gameboy Advances lying around to play it in any meaningful way, and multiplayer was the meat of the game. Ring of Fates clears up both of these issues by making a decent single player story and taking advantage of wireless play on DS for up to four-player co-op adventuring.

Instead of replenishing magic crystals, this time you'll take control of a pair of Clavat twins named Yuri and Chelinka (although Chelinka sort of folds into Yuri except during cut scenes). Tragedy strikes their homestead outside the town of Rebena Te Ra, when their father is killed by an evil wizard henchman-type jerk, as if losing their mother at birth wasn't enough."

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