Pokemon X & Y Trailer & Map Analysis

GameXplain: "Join us as we uncover the secrets of the latest gameplay trailer, screenshots, and the world map for Pokémon X & Pokémon Y! "

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Eternalb2038d ago

Wow, I missed a ton of that!

kirbyu2038d ago

What I wanna know is if you'll be able to ride Pokemon other than GoGurt, I mean, Gogoat. I'd love to see someone ride Magikarp, or Diglett, or Mewtwo.

andresegers2038d ago

Haha, riding Diglett sure would be something!

Deku-Johnny2038d ago

I can't imagine riding a Magikarp being very fun.

Summons752038d ago

I don't see how the new region is "pokefrance" outside of a tower that looks like the eiffel tower it looks nothing like it. It's shaped like a star