The Final Bosman: Xbox Reveal Dos and Don'ts

Press conference connoisseur Kyle Bosman gives Microsoft some crucial advice.

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Godmars2902077d ago

Oh god: even he can't stop beating on the WiiU.

Poor WiiU...

JoGam2077d ago

Love the Final Bosman. I also enjoyed Sony's Do's and Don't. Great show keep up the good work.

PigPen2077d ago

I have mix feelings about video. Have some good points for the most part. I know everyone has their own opinion but I don't think the Wii U or the gamepad is ugly. Nothing that was said was actually funny. It's like the second time today I read someone say they feel bad for Nintendo. I don't and I own a Wii U, but that's just my opinion. NintendoLand, you might be surprised. Microsoft is in the business to make money and will like casual gamers too. Hair looks crazy, and stay in the parking lot. Forbid someone give you a office.

KimDongHwan2077d ago

Guys, apart from being the host of the XBOX reveal, has anyone notice that is like full of XBOX stuff (not only now but like months ago), i mean publicity, videos ending with something about xbox, their videos always talking about xbox like playstation didn't even exist, even their menu starts with Xbox, and now the new xbox has already the first place reserved.

Godmars2902077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Because they have an app on XBL. Called pandering.

Hell, we're talking about the site that had its key spokesman sitting between Mountain Dew and Doritos while casting his soulless gaze for an Xbox promotion. Why is this surprising anyone?

Urusernamesucks2077d ago

You mean theres a website alternate to n4g? :O