Game Revolution: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

Game Revolution writes: "If there's one word that describes a sport that generally demands the physical ability to swing your body and walk, and whose target demographic is elderly men with nothing better to do, it's "casual" - and it's this quality which is the focus of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds.

With the exception of perhaps MySims (if you exclude the annoying residents) and Nintendogs (if you exclude the virtual poop), Out of Bounds is just about the most relaxing experience you can ever have. The soundtrack is airy and light - just slightly more exciting than Muzak. Characters are smooth and plump with big, expressive heads and apparently well-lotioned bodies. Environments are wide with gentle, rolling hills, bright green grass, and clear skies. Rain comes in delicate pitter-patters and winds never rise beyond a semi-calm breeze. I've always found it odd how the weather in this and most other golf games can change so drastically from hole to hole, but the cheery mood still hits the sweet spot between cartoony and realistic."

+ Casual and simple
+ Relaxed and unfussy
+ Online mode

- Lack of solo modes
- Not very difficult
- Repetitive and slow-moving

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Trick Nolte3890d ago

I havent had this much fun in awhile. The lobbys themselves are a blast to be in...its chaos, Gameplay is solid and GFX are great on 53' hdtv. HGS OOB ROX!!!!!!!!!