God of War: Ascension Owners Get MP Bonus For Completing SP Campaign

According to a PSN message sent out by [God of War] earlier today, those who have conquered the single player campaign are awarded a free voucher for 24 hours of bonus XP. TRG has confirmed that bonus totals 25%.

Also mentioned in the message is Delphi, a future multiplayer map that will be available as DLC for free to all who own God of War: Ascension.

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yeahokchief2077d ago

How do you get the code sent to you?

I platinumed the game and beat a few of the single player challenge arenas back when it came out but haven't played it since they extended the level cap by 10 levels.

dp2774072077d ago

I did the same thing and I got mine earlier the 15th.

Y_51502077d ago

O that's nice! I just finished it a week or two ago so I'll be hopping on that bonus! ^^

jahcure2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I still can't pass that stupid trial on hard..and i have platinums in all pevious GOW's infuriating (in Vegeta's voice)

Skate-AK2077d ago

I don't know how it was before the patch cause didn't play it but I didn't think it was that hard after the patch. You really need to beat it. The boss is insane.

jahcure2076d ago

i'll put some headphones on and go at it again this weekend.

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