Ubisoft teases two unannounced titles in latest financials

Ubisoft's latest financial results are in, but there is one particular excerpt from the report that is of significant interest.

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kraideral1983d ago

Zombi U2 maybe where you play as Bono trying to survive a zombie outbreak during a concert? Just kidding :P

yugovega1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

if one is a new ip that's not been shown then im sure I will be a 3ds game. probably a 3d petz game is the existing ip.

Kyosuke_Sanada1983d ago

=Cross fingers=

Please be Tenchu. Please be Tenchu. Please be Tenchu........

Enemy1983d ago

Next gen Prince of Persia please.

AhmadCentral1983d ago

You have no idea how much i want a good prince of persia game. The last good one was forgotten sands but that was only good because they modelled it on sands of time.

And sands of time is still the best for me.

dgonza401983d ago

That Assassins' creed Phoenix is probably one of them

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