WPI students launch local studio, prepare to release first game

By Jorge Bannister

Artists Ryan Casey and Jill Casey, and coders Mike Frankfort and Alex Thornton-Clark started working on "Pandora: Purge of Pride" -- a first-person puzzle game in which you use the seven deadly sins to solve puzzles in your Victorian mansion -- as a senior project at WPI.

After working so well together, the four launched High Class Kitsch, a Worcester-based development studio that will launch the game commercially this summer.

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ltachiUchiha1986d ago

Always love reading of small devs trying to get recognition & who inspired them. Love the last question in the interview & the devs response.

Q: Which current game in development do you wish you could be a part of?

A: I think a really interesting one would be "Beyond: Two Souls." It's being developed by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation. Quantic Dream exemplifies what I mean when I say video games can be something different -- they can be an interactive media in a different way. I've played "Heavy Rain" and "Indigo Prophecy." They're very atypical games -- there's not a lot of action, there's some sort of puzzly stuff, but largely it's a way of making an interactive narrative. I would love to work with that team to see how that actually happens -- how they get from crazy idea to crazy-story-depth video game.