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JoGam2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

OMMMMMGGGGGGGG................ ........What does it mean? Day one regardless!

Edit: You know whats amazing? PD gets it own GT6 event. For some reason thats amazing to me.

Prcko2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

hard to guess i know

fr0sty2077d ago

Ps3 isn't capable of hardware tesselation, so they either puled it off in software somehow or this is cross-gen.

Blackdeath_6632077d ago

good point i guess maybe there is little hope left in a ps4 release of gt6

thechosenone2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Here's what tessellation in GT6 looks like and some other in-game screens, just scroll down.

Oh my garsh!


It guess it does now. heh

SegataSanshiro2077d ago

Gran turismo has nothing on Daytona usa. Sega 4 life

Pintheshadows2076d ago

I always liked Sega Touring Car Championship on the Saturn. Although opening the case destroyed my fingers. Stupid Saturn game cases.

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Abash2077d ago

More night racing tracks, please. I loved them in GT5

Yi-Long2077d ago

... 1200 cars might sound nice, but I would prefer more tracks instead of more cars.

SolidStoner2076d ago

same here, more tracks is more important than cars.. the only biggest issue I have with gt5 is lack of where to drive... GT4 had 54 tracks..

GamerSciz2077d ago

Adaptive Tessellation is a technique in which the closer you get to an object the mesh becomes higher polygon count and better looking. Check out the Nvidia demo from 2 years ago. The technology has only improved. Basically it is a simple cheat that if the object is further from the camera it renders it in lower quality but as you get closer it becomes better looking and more realistic.

Minato-Namikaze2077d ago

So helpful, here have a bubble.

Larry L2077d ago

indeed. bubs for the info.

thechosenone2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Impressive technology and hopefully this tech will maybe aid in allowing for photorealistic games next gen?

GamerSciz2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

What's interesting is how similar of a concept this is to real-time normal mapping. I mean normal mapping is taking the lower polygon object and mapping it to a lightmap/bumpmap of a much higher polygon object.

From the high polygon character they bake on the normal map and get a very high-res looking character out of low polygon one.

Ju2077d ago

Normal maps don't create real polys, though (per pixel effect). Tessellation does.

If you want to see it the other way round, this pushes performance into areas where it matters (close ups) while freeing it up where it is inefficient (overdrawing in the distance). Smart move. Hasn't been done in SW and not in the PS3 so far, has it?

Like some people above said. PS3 doesn't have HW tessellation. They must have found a way doing this in realtime in SW - besides all physics and what else is going on. Impressed.

Kennytaur2077d ago

Isn't that the same as variable Level Of Detail?

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supraking9512077d ago

NICE! so glad i'll be keeping my PS3 even when I get PS4 day one. Sony supports all there systems for a long time, look at PS2. Unlike 360 owners who will sell there 360's to gamestop once 720 is announced for a measly $100 ( $150 if lucky) to pay for there next gen Xbox.
Sony will release many titles for PS3 after PS4 launch and its not just the yearly Madden and CoD games like 360 will only have once 720 is out.
MS will abandon 360 just like original Xbox when there new system is out.

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