GT5 passes 10 million units, Series total 70 million, half of the sales from Europe

Sony CEO Jim Ryan has revealed at the GT event that the series has passed 70 million in sales.

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Prcko2035d ago

Very impressive sales

abzdine2035d ago

great game great sales, this is how logic should be and this is how logic has always been when it came to GT!
Hoping PD will keep up the good work with GT6 but i'm already highly excited for that social connectivity using other devices! Maybe an app to manage the garage and deal cars between friends? that would be awesome add!

darthv722035d ago

type of series. Meaning the sales are not consistent with growth in some titles but they exceed in others.

All of these numbers are rounded up so bare with me.

GT1 for PS1: 12mil
GT2 for PS1: 10mil
GT3 for PS2: 15mil
GT4 for PS2: 12mil
GT5 for PS3: 10mil

All of them have broken the 10mil mark which is great for such a long running series. What surprised me was how it wasnt each newer version surpassing the previous one.

seems the biggest seller is GT3 and rightfully so. It was the first GT game on (then) next gen PS2 and obviously the PS2 had a much larger install base as compared to the PS1 (and PS3).

So i guess the question is...why did GT2 not pass sales of GT1 for the PS1 and the same for GT4 not passing GT3 for PS2? Each new version is an improvement on the previous one so it seems logical that it would not only be something the fans of the series would get (selling to the same crowd) but also entice newcomers to the series as well.

GT5 is a great game and I know GT6 will do great as well. but will it fall into the same pattern we have seen or will it break that mold and be THE game to take the lead (pun intended) away from GT3?

Army_of_Darkness2035d ago

I hope they removed all the unnecessary cars that nobody really uses or even upgrades. I think they are just taking valuable space to make the game even better. No point in adding hundreds of extra cars that don't make the experience better for the game.

BlmThug2035d ago

I'm proud to be one of those 10million

sengoku2034d ago

This game just has a massive fan base.
70 million total sale is the biggest number in the business

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Maddens Raiders2035d ago

This would be impressive if GT =/= PlayStation. The two have been inseparable since 1997.

TechnicianTed2035d ago

What does =/= mean? I tried googling it, but it came up with nothing.

Ilovetheps42035d ago

Technician, it means does not equal. If you were writing it on paper, it would be an equals sign with a slash through it, but there is no such symbol on the keyboard, so that's how you do it on the internet.

TechnicianTed2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Lazy way of saying 'is not the same as', gotcha.


EDIT:Wait up...

'This would be impressive if GT 'does not equal' PlayStation.'

What kind of sense is that supposed to make?

Ilovetheps42034d ago

Basically he is saying that GT is PlayStation. It makes sense. He's saying that the sales figures would be impressive if GT wasn't the flagship title of the PS brand.

Rainstorm812034d ago

So by that logic Halo sales aren't impressive because it equals Xbox or Mario sales aren't impressive.

I'm sorry but your logic is nonsensical

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Blackdeath_6632035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

yeah means that roughly 1 out of every 7 ps3 owners have played gt5. it is a key title for the playstation brand. i haven't had the chance yet will be spending all summer playing gt5 amongst other games i have missed out on.

wenaldy2035d ago

I have one!!! Best decision i've ever had..

thechosenone2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Sell that much in this economy, now that's really impressive. Congrats PD!

abzdine2035d ago

what's surprising in buying a game max 60$ nowadays? In this same economy people spend insane amounts of money on iphones and apple products which bring nothing to the table.

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Crystallis2035d ago

Not surprising to say the least. The series is a beast on Sony's platforms.

ltachiUchiha2035d ago

Great numbers for a great game. GT6 should do really well too.

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