Give Papa A New Pair of Shoes: Casino and Card Games in Video Games

SuperPhillip Central: "For those that are old enough, casinos can be a great way to strike it rich. They can also be a great way to quickly lose one's paycheck in minutes. Thankfully, there are free ways to play all the casino and card games you want without having to pay money. Such a site is one like this, but there's also the awesomeness that is video games, where all you spend is a given game's currency like zenny or gil. The games we'll be referring mostly to are the types of casino and card games you'd find on places such as this site, containing information on games like poker, blackjack, roulette, keno, and even bingo. SuperPhillip Central is taking this opportunity to look back at some of the best casino and card games in video game history. We will just be scratching the surface here, so if we left out one of your favorites, give us a holler in the comments section below."

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