Why Playstation Plus is beneficial to the PS4

Is Sony giving out virtually free games every month because they are so damn generous? Well.. no. It's actually a very good business decision!

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GalacticEmpire1986d ago

"for only 60$ a month."

Either this is a mistake and he means 'a year' or you're getting one hell of a raw deal in the US lol.

FamilyGuy1985d ago

It's actually only $50 a year here in the U.S. so I'm confused on it even after it was edited to fix this mistake you mention.

When I re-up'd it was $50 for the year + 3 extra free months so $50 for 15 months here in the US. I also got $10 psn credit for spending $50 during that time period. I'm pretty friggin' happy lol.

reynod1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Well the more important question is what happens to peoples libraries who have been paying for PSN+ for the PS3, does that library carry forward to PS4. We know the PS4 doesnt have BC, so unless Sony re codes all the games on PSN for PS4 this seems hard.

Obviously no ones going to keep paying for PSN+ on PS3 once PS4 is out, since not many new games will be releasing for PS3 and it will become an outdated system.

So what happens to the games library people accumulated on the PS3 via PSN+ does it carry forward or is it lost? Since if people unsubscribe the library tends to go away.

So question is do people have to pay for multiple PSN+ aka for PS3 and PS4 (100usd a year) I think this really needs to be clarified.

The_KELRaTH1985d ago

"So question is do people have to pay for multiple PSN+ aka for PS3 and PS4 (100usd a year) I think this really needs to be clarified."

My concern too. my annual PSN+ ends in September and I do have a another 1yr code but I'm hanging off from using it as if it's no use for PS4 I may as well sell it.

abzdine1985d ago

in the beginning there will be no PS4 free games to offer i think they're gonna start giving some PS3 games to stream via Gaikai and i'm highly excited to see how that's gonna work because the principe seems pretty insane on consoles, and that's one of the big strengths PS4 is gonna bring.

Oh_Yeah1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

At above, of course you won't have to pay for multiple ps+ accounts when ps4 comes... Cmon now. Do you have to pay for multiple when you have a vita? No.

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Kingthrash3601985d ago

is it really? do tell captain obvious....

Agent_hitman1985d ago

Well you can watch youtube on your PS3 browser for free while on Xbox 360, you can't.

GalacticEmpire1985d ago

PS3 also has a dedicated Youtube app.

ddurand11985d ago

i will definitely consider PS+ on my PS4.

hopefully the console comes with a stupid big hard drive

rustyspoon801985d ago

@reynod etc. PS+ is across all PS systems. At the moment it works across PS3 & Vita, so it would extend to PS4 in the future.
How Sony will work it on PS4 at launch is still unclear, but it only took Vita a few months to get free games. So PS4 should be similar.

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