DUST 514: How to earn SP

In DUST 514, you advance your skills as a soldier using Skill Points (SP). You are awarded SP at the end of the battle; the amount you earn based on total War Points (WP) earned and time spent in battle. WP are earned by performing a multitude of different actions on the battlefield. Killing is not the most lucrative way to earn points in DUST 514. Here is a breakdown of how to earn WP.

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JoGam1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I might get disagrees but I deleted Dust 514 yesterday. I got tired of fighting with the game. Fighting to grasp the concept. Fighting to understand what's going on. Its so much to know. Yesterday after getting frustrated I decided to try one more round. When the round started, the drop pod hit the ground and my screen went black but I can hear the foot steps of my soldier but couldn't see anything. I tapped the PS button and it worked so my tv wasn't the issue. I got so frustrated that I deleted the game. I will go back in a few months and try again. Dust 514 needs more work and it needs to get its act together FAST because if this continues Dust will get overlooked very easy when the PS4 is released.

Ripco_Keller1984d ago

Sorry you experienced technical difficulties mate :(

In my experience, it's been very smooth sailing on the technical side.

As far as complexity goes, the things you need to understand in order to get in matches and go are not any more complex than what is on offer in say, black ops. Just starting out you automatically have a free infinitely reusable suit for frontline, medic, anti-armor, and sniping roles. Objectives, controls, etc, are no more obtuse than they were in MAG.

If you want to wade around in the shallow end of the pool and play the game like MAG 2 or blops: future wars, I really don't see the bar for entry being impassable.

That said, there is a deeper side to this game, and that can be quite complex indeed, managing loadouts, skills, inventory stockpiles, all require a little more cerebral investment than is the norm. However, they are extremely rewarding once you understand them, yet unnecessary if all that's too much for you.

The really complex parts of the game have yet to be unveiled, we're only on the cusp of integration with eve, the player market is non-existent, clans are only just now getting the ability to vie for control of districts, etc. There is a lot more to come, and most of it is going to be rough to learn, but again, none of it is necessary if you just want to play the game like any other team shooter.