Team Talk: Vita vs. 3DS, StreetPass, remakes, and more - as discussed by Pocket Gamer staff

Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: Team Talks - our series of round-table discussions held over Skype - is back with a bang. Earlier today it all kicked off in the PG office, as several of the team weighed in on the pluses and minuses of the traditional portables from Nintendo and Sony.

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Kingthrash3601982d ago

both are winners.
but my vita gets played while my 3ds goes to my kids if its played.
if your a kid most likely your parents bought you a 3ds becuse its cheaper than the vita or because they know mario is killing turtles and srooms...while the vita costs more and you get uncharted where you can earn trophies for shooting a guy in the face. parents feel more comfortable with the ds (like the wii) because its less violence in its games and everyone has played mario I mean even my sister was hooked on it back in the day. thats the difference. but for the core to hardcore gamer vita is the ultimate machine. better power more quality games online support good enough to actually play against people who have the same game on a ps3, sim sports games like the show fifa and madden. indie games remakes of classics trophie support free ps+ games collection I mean I can go on. but I guess it really depends on what you like or what type of gamer you are. I personally will get killzone over pokemon .(anyone see the pokemon gameplay trailer? looks like the same shit just better visuals and to me thats a shame. really they need to upgrade that game ) this argument is going to go on and on but the truth is the 3ds will continue to outsell everything because its cheap and kid friendly while the vita will still produce games at a higher quality and aim for the hardcore the ps4 compatibility will make it even more useful....I cant wait to beat infamous SS on the toilet!

EcoSos31982d ago

So you choose killzone over Pokemon then complain that Pokemon is the same shit with better graphics what about killzone for what I have notice it is the same shit just with better graphics.

Kingthrash3601982d ago

the psp version of killzone wasn't even a fps....or are you comparing it to a ps3 version? are you also suggesting it looks better than KZ3?? fuckin fan boy I only said the truth and the truth os they are both great systems but pokemon is on it's 10 title across multiple gameboys/ds's....this time I actually thought they would change the battles ans stuff yes it looks great but the 3ds has enough power to make pokemon a upgraded battle system that more animated like pikchu running up and shocking you or something not the same old visual affects cop out. if you fine with the same old shit on new systems then by all means buy it. im not here to tell you not to buy or to hope it fails.. if anything I know it will sell like air on the moon but that dosnt mean that Nintendo should get away with not upgrading its top handheld game. dam fanboys piss me off sometimes.

EcoSos31982d ago

When did I mention the psp version I know it's a tps, and yes I'm kinda compering it to the ps3 because that's what most of you say that the psvita is a ps3 portable. Pokemon it's a turn base rpg what more do you want from a battle system like that? I don't know what are you talking about battle animations because they way above any other handheld Pokemon game. Also killzone is the same old shit on new systems from the ps2 to the ps4 of course not the psp one but that's about it. Dam fanboys piss me off sometimes...

Kingthrash3601982d ago

ive never said the vita is a ps3 really. I understand that no matter how strong and impressive the specs are if you are running a 4gig max cart instead of a blu ray disc you not gunna be comparable to the ps3. even though the vita has put out games that are remarkably close to the console version (nfsmw is a great example..vita 2.6 gigs ps3 8.9 gigs still fit 93% of content is a true feat imo) but still I never compare a handheld to a console just like I wont compare a console to a pc. you stupidly compare and dumbingly state you purposely compared killzone merc (a game you have yet to play...if you even own a vita the game isnt out to make such comparisons) to a visually stunning KZ3 lets me know you have trollizum in you blood. and more power to you if you like the way pokemon didnt upgrade properly since it was in color.

@ browngamer
never said Every 3ds owner is a kid im grown and own one myself. what I did say was its marketed with kids in mind if you like casual less mature games them by all means do that.... me im a hardcore gamer who like hardcore games like idk sports sim games...ill take ffx or p4 over pokemon but thats only my preference. im a gamer not a fan boy ....and dont come at me with the 3ds software's just sound dumb. no such thing as unmatched in the gaming world dummy closest to unmatched is madden because EA bought out the NFL license so there is no other NFL game BUT madden... and the 3ds dosent have that anyway. both of yall are fanboy drones...god just embarrassing gamers

browngamer411982d ago

yeah, I'm no kid and I'll take the 3DS ten times out of ten, it's software is unmatched and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down..

Moonman1982d ago

C'mon, the n4g Vita campaign is not working. I am an adult male who prefers the 3DS over Vita anytime.

chrismichaels041981d ago

I have both and even though I prefer and spend way more time on the Vita, I still appreciate what the 3DS offers. I agree the 3DS' massive lineup of mascot games like Mario and Pokemon gives off the impression that the 3DS is too "kiddie". But in truth some of those mascot games are very good. However, I would like to see more mature themed games like RE Revelations and Castlevania. And I'm not into strategy RPGs either, which is another genre the 3DS is filled with. I play the Vita more, simply because the Vita has more mature themed action/adventure and action/RPGs titles that I'm looking for. At the end of the day, both systems have their strengths and weaknesses and it all comes down to personal preferences.

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jcnba281982d ago

3ds hands down no competition.

TedCruzsTaint1982d ago

I would take 3DS over Vita at the moment.
Let's see what the future brings for the two though.

CommonSenseGamer1982d ago

I have both in my household. Each gets played by my kids but I find they don't actually use them much outside the house when out and about. They go through phases as to which one they prefer using but end of the day they all seem to gravitate back to the consoles, PC and tablets.

Personally after playing the Vita I could not see myself ever owning one. The controls were not made for adult hands so I found it uncomfortable to use for more than 5-10 minutes. Screen is fine but its difficult going from a tablet to a Vita for surfing the web, however, I would never use a Vita over a tablet for Web surfing anyway if I owned both. As a media player, god no, I am not going back to the days of having to convert my media to play back on a given device. For music, its actually pretty good but again PowerAmp on my tablet runs circles around the music app on the Vita.

For me the Vita and 3DS are both for kids and although they might provide me with a brief distraction from time to time I'll do my gaming on consoles and my PC and do all my media, app and internet surfing on my tablet.

belac091982d ago

i love them both, i play MH3U a LOT! and i also play Soul Sacrifice a LOT.

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