Pachter: Next Gen Exclusives ‘Are really Important’, ‘Nintendo Leads By A Ton’

X360: The next-gen Xbox is just around the corner, but industry analyst Michael Pachter still believes that exclusives like Halo and Forza Motorsport are instrumental when it comes to success.

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firelogic1981d ago

Nintendo exclusives don't really matter to the general public. Only diehard nintendo fans salivate at yet another game with the word "mario" in it.

How is the next-gen any different from previous ones? Nintendo fans buy nintendo consoles. Those that aren't are not going to be swayed into buying one after looking at a list filled with mario, zelda, luigi, pokemon.

Fishy Fingers1981d ago

Lol... What? Nintendo exclusives are instrumental to the company's success and the 'general public' buy them in theyre droves.

You many not be interested in them, as nor might I, but lets be honest your 'logic' is s***.

Minato-Namikaze1981d ago

And before the wii their install base declined about 35% each generation since the snes. Point being JUST nintendo exclusives arent enough they need more than that.

firelogic1981d ago

And yet another juvenile nintendo booster that doesn't understand the point of a post. The point wasn't that nintendo exclusives don't sell you nimrod. The point was that Nintendo exclusives don't matter in terms of the "console race" at large. Nintendo exclusives is what sells Nintendo consoles but their exclusives are of a very specific nature which has zero impact on someone not interested in mario.

As I clearly stated in my first post, nintendo fans buy nintendo consoles. There's nothing else on them for someone not interested in their tired library of characters. It's not like someone that needs to decide between a playstation or xbox. Exclusives on those respective consoles do actually matter because it can sway a purchase decision one way or the other.

Nintendo always has a ton of exclusives because they can pump out game after game and throw in a mario or link or luigi or wario or kirby etc...

Seriously though, when are they going to come out with some NEW IPs? If nintendo and miyamoto are such creative geniuses, why haven't they managed to create even one new memorable franchise this gen or last gen or the previous gen? What's their most popular first party franchise that didn't start with the game&watch/NES? Pikmin?

PigPen1981d ago

Sony exclusive don't really matter to the geeral public. Only diehard sony fans salivate at yet another game with the word "killzone" in it.

You don't know or have a clue what other people will buy. And all four of those games sell more copy's then most if not all of sony's exclusives.

trouble_bubble1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

"...and though PS3 players might contest that Sony’s console has a few exlcusives out this year, it doesn’t really matter anymore."

Hmm, an article about the importance of exclusives also saying exclusives don't matter anymore. Ironically, the same day GT6 is announced. So which is it?

"...The current-gen has gone on so long now that exclusives have fallen by the wayside, this year we’ve had Gears Of War: Judgment, that’s it."

Umm, didn't God of War Ascension come out the same time as Gears Judgment? What about the highest rated exclusive so far this year, Ni No Kuni? The Last of Us is a mere month away and new IPs Beyond: Two Souls and the Puppeteer come out in October. And now GranTurismo 6 too. Eve Online MMOAG Dust514 just officially launched yesterday, clearly exclusives still matter. If ya got em.

Minato-Namikaze1981d ago

He cant say anything that he cant contradict in the 2nd half of his sentence, lol.

Ni No Kuni, Sly Copper, Gow: Ascension, Tales of xilla, FFX X-2 HD, Kingdom Hearts HD, Beyond: two souls, Last of Us, GT6, Dust 514, Possibly more announced at e3? Pachter fails.

PigPen1981d ago

Pachter is talking about the next generation consoles.

Typical-Guy1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Does this guy really taste the shit coming from his mouth?! He's been stating the obvious for years and people still make him relevant.

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