FCC redefines "broadband" to mean 768Kbps

The FCC, as is typical, won't release the full text of the changes it adopted for a few weeks, but here's a rundown of major components described at Wednesday's meeting:

• 200Kbps speeds are no longer considered "broadband." Now, 768Kbps, which is the entry-level speed offered by major DSL providers like Verizon, will be considered the low end of "basic broadband," a range that extends to under 1.5Mbps.

• Broadband service speeds will have to be reported both for uploads and downloads. Now the agency says it will require reporting on upload speeds. Pro-regulatory advocacy groups like Free Press say that's a necessary step in part because of Comcast's admitted throttling of peer-to-peer file-sharing uploads.

• Upload and download speeds will have to be reported in a more specific way.

• ISPs will be required to report numbers of subscribers, and at the census-block level.

• ISPs will not have to report the prices they charge....yet. "

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