Destiny PS4 feature: a brave new world with Bungie’s hugely ambitious online shooter - OPM

OPM visit Bungie for the lowdown on the megaton developer’s first post-Halo project; a massively ambitious online project that could reinvent the way we view shooters.

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dirigiblebill1986d ago

Lovely artworks. I do wish they'd hurry up and ship some actual screenshots, though.

PigPen1986d ago

Are better yet a trailer!

timmyp531986d ago

Bit too much teasing for my taste.

Blastoise1986d ago

I agree with all of you, artwork is amazing but it's about time they showed more than a couple of snippets of gameplay

WickedLester1985d ago

Patience people! E3 is around the corner!!

Conzul1985d ago

I predict many who played 514 will move to Destiny once PS4 releases. I know *I* will.

Pintheshadows1985d ago

Can't wait to play this. It seems like a difficult game to describe from a genre perspective. It crosses so many borders. I came up with a name for it but it is stupidly long.