Europe / Others Software Chart for Week Ending March 15th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for Europe / Others software charts for week ending March 15th, 2008 was as follows:

Top 15 Software:
1 Wii Sports (Wii) 84,703 7,271,169
2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PSP) 45,996 156,106
3 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS)43,980 462,962
4 Brain Training (DS) 41,148 5,701,592
5 Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends (DS) 39,984 212,625
6 Nintendogs (DS) 38,131 9,278,285
7 More Brain Training (DS) 37,784 3,565,483
8 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 37,416 1,681,681
9 Army of Two (360) 35,530 99,278
10 Wii Play (Wii) 35,232 3,241,449
11 Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS) 34,840 3,753,963
12 New Super Mario Bros (DS) 34,285 4,165,625
13 Army of Two (PS3) 32,765 87,062
14 Imagine: Babies (DS) 28,263 786,568
15 Maths Training (DS) 27,597 216,842

Other New Releases:

17 No More Heroes (Wii) 25,653 25,653 [NEW]

Software Totals: (Last Week #)

DSL: 579,433 (639,334)
Wii: 488,426 (512,764)
360: 288,494 (359,454)
PS3: 269,141 (337,962)
PSP: 85,666 (94,876)
PS2: 62,511 (61,633)

And Hardware Numbers as reported earlier:

DSL: 136,763 (-4%)
Wii: 84,703 (+4%)
PS3: 71,002 (+4%)
360: 55,093 (+30%)
PSP: 46,869 (-3%)
PS2: 39,832 (+3%)

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ruibing4498d ago

Another price drop on the way?

doodle4498d ago

and again posted by that same guy who works for VGCRAP-----CYRUS

OMG just look at those false figures.

Theres just no way x360 could sell over 50k even with the price cut

I mean no one absolutely no one buys the x360 in europe . It is completely dead in germany/spain/france/italy

even with a price cut it couldnt outsell the PS3 in UK according to Charttrack

Just stop posting these VGCRAP numbers AKA x360's CAMOUFLAGED PROMOTOERS with massively inflated HW sales ( VGCRAP inflated x360 sales by 200k for the month of JAN+FEB)

They downgraded the PS3 sales by 130k

whats even more shocking is that VGCRAP didnt fix those figures. rather they claim that NPD is rubbish!!!!!


just look at their OTHERS data . they have x360 an american product outselling wii/ps3 in middle east (region where there are majority of arab muslims). what a joke????? This would have been credible but after the IRAQ invasion even a butterfly knows that x360 is completely dead in those territories

Breakfast4498d ago

Holy crap with the vg charts

mr_potato4498d ago

I tought u would put estimates in the title?

Cyrus3654498d ago

people get confused, that's it's their estimated numbers...rather than their real numbers... Anyways i put it in the body. I think that's good and is listed as rumors...

sonarus4498d ago

hahaha vg chartz has really sunk low on n4g. now listed as rumors. Maybe they will work harder now at producing more accurate figures

jappa4498d ago

nintendo , is doing a fine job. How can they be crazy about wii. I have all consols and wii is only fun when ther is 2 player, and ther is only NINTENDO made game that is good for me.
360 and ps3 is always on . And the games are more next-gen.
I can only say nintendo are lucky. that soo many peopel buy it.

blynx1824498d ago

VG Chartz has some serious server issues. Anyway, pretty nice numbers overall.

The Lazy One4498d ago

Are there any numbers that don't include handhelds?

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