Nintendo’s five steps to success

Metro - Hey there Nintendo! You’re a little late but no matter. Pull up a chair. I’ve already ordered your coffee, as we need to get straight to business.

Look, this situation is Wii-ly getting out of hand and it’s not Wii-motely funny anymore! Get it: Wii, remote… ah forget it…

Enough joking aside, we need to work things out with the Wii U. I’ve been a friend only a few years compared to some of your loyal followers, but I’d like to suggest a few things. I can’t force you of course, but I just want you to hear me out. Nothing too drastic like a change of name or anything like that, just some simple ideas which may help you a little.

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PigPen1984d ago

Calm down, with E3 around the corner Nintendo got this. Your light bulb is not needed.

lilbroRx1984d ago

You mean with the major Nintendo directs around the corner. Nintendo's e3 is going to be for journalists and the press in general.

The part for is going to be during the Nintendo directs like it was last year.

PigPen1984d ago

You're also right, but Nintendo will be at E3 too. Just not like before with a press conference.

Gr811984d ago

With Libro, I think this is a smart move by Nintendo.

neogeo1984d ago

Step 1. Games
Step 2. Games
Step 3. Games!
Step 4. Games!
Step 5. MARKET in a non gay/family way.

Gr811984d ago

NeoGeo. Games is the only thing that will save Wii U (or any console really).

What I will add though, is that Nintendo needs an account system NOT tied to Hardware. That is paramount, especially if Nintendo is selling games digitally, they should not go bye bye should the console brick. And prior customers shouldn't be burned and have to repurchase games every time a new console is released. Imagine Apple doing some shit like that with iTunes customers. Its unacceptable in this day and time.

If Nintendo does this and along with the proper software, Wii U will have a good chance to start selling well. Also, add more value, bundle Pro Controllers and WMote+'s and drop N-Land and in return bundle NSMBU. Maybe even redesign the Gamepad, like they have the DS lite/3DS. I'm hoping Nintendo can gets its act together. Console Gaming Needs them.