Three Major E3 Predictions

This years E3 is looking to be the most epic ever- that’s what the majority of gamers believe. They are right to believe so, with the announcements of the next gen consoles it sure deserves the merit. I will give a short list of what I personally am hoping will be revealed this E3.

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RyuCloudStrife1985d ago

So what did Google announce today? I couldn't find any information.

HyperBear1985d ago

It's still going on right now. I think they've got about 20-30 minutes left in the presentation. And not any devices have been announced just this stuff:

Bunch of new APIs for developers
Google Play Games (Cloud save support)
Redesign interface layout for Android tablets
Google Play Music All-Access (Music Streaming)
Selling Samsung S4 running stock android 4.2 and unlocked bootloader in US for $649 (June 26)
New Chrome image and video codecs
Google+ - improved Hangouts service - on Web and iOS

kingmushroom1985d ago

as long as these predictions don't come from Pachter we are good.