Lost Planet 3: bursting with character

Lost Planet 3 isn’t the hum-drum shoot-a-thon you’re probably expecting, but one of the most character-filled sci fi stories the industry has produced in years.

By Brenna Hillier

One of my favourite things about being in games media is how many more titles I get a chance to try out that I might otherwise never have heard of. Of course, the downside is I sometimes have to get along to events and produce comprehensible coverage on subjects I have little knowledge and zero interest in, but first world problems, am I right?

That’s the attitude I took into a recent Lost Planet 3 preview session. “I cannot muster even one quarter of a sub-standard fuck about this game,” I text to a friend. “I thought I was sick, but I ran a diagnostic and it turns out I already have a surfeit of shitty generic third-person sci fi shooters. Who would have thought?”

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MilkMan2035d ago

Yes, its already on my pre-order list. Although that MP got me on the fence.

ltachiUchiha2035d ago

Yup i want to see more of it though. =]

giovonni2035d ago

It better be bursting with exceptional game play!

ltachiUchiha2035d ago

It looks pretty promising but I agree.

2035d ago
air12035d ago

Part 1 a great game.. I have no idea what happened after that.