Will Playstation Reclaim Dominance in the Next Generation?

Ismail writes on Unigamesity: "After Sony’s reveal in February there have been nothing but rumors about the next Xbox. Microsoft has allowed Playstation to dominate the mind-share of gamers for months. If Sony has taught us anything, having the top spot the last go-round does not guarantee you will be dominant the next time. Sony is in a good place to reclaim the top spot. Lets talk about some of the reasons why."

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TheLyonKing2036d ago

Who knows all we can make are educated guesses or in some cases mindless fan boy cries.

I think judging by the sales this year and the continual flow of games I reckon Sony will outsell the next xbox espically since they are realesing roughly the same time but I have no idea what the next xbox will do. It might have a killer app or a ton of amazing game line ups.

I will place a more accurate assumption after E3 but I can't wait to pick up my ps4 when it comes out plus the share button on that controller is such a clever idea. Roll on the 21st so I can see what MS has planned.

Godmars2902036d ago

What constitutes dominance at this point?

Zodiac2036d ago

Sales. It's business, so sales determines it. It is a safer bet going with sales because if it was left up to the consumer to decide, then we would just have a fanboy war.

It is always easier to stick with sales because there is no refuting it.

Godmars2902036d ago

Unless its the Wii. Or the PS3 only in the US. Or the Xbox world-wide.

The PS1 and PS2 clearly dominated because of clear leads with their competition, but then they also had a wide selection of titles and game genres.

Gamer-402036d ago boring..."Why Sony Will Win E3 2012" "Sony will win next-gen"...always this boring..

Wait new Xbox may 21 and E3 show.

Sony or MS or Nintendo will win next-gen? Nobody knows yet, nobody!

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The story is too old to be commented.