Could there be a tax on violent media? VP Joe Biden sees “No legal reason” why not

Vice President Joe Biden has led a task force assigned by President Barack Obama to examine possible means of reducing gun violence in the US since the most recent prolific gun violence cases over the past year. While leading the task force, Biden met behind closed doors with a variety of groups including entertainment companies, advocacy groups, youth organizations, the mental health community, the NRA, and faith-based organizations to discuss gun control or ways of curving gun violence.

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cl19832035d ago

Demacrates never found a tax they didn't like.

showtimefolks2035d ago

yeh lets concentrate on useless taxes on violent games but forget about all the morons killing innocent people and starting useless wars

it has nothing to do with republicans or democrats, its more like some people just don't use what god gave them

common sense

cl19832035d ago

I'm not saying both parties don't have their insufferable ideologies, but if you look back and see the recommended solutions, its often to tax an item more, and typically hat comes from one party.

Eldyraen2035d ago

Fixed: Politicians never found a tax they didn't like--unless they have to actually pay it themselves (at which point they just make loopholes or sweep it under the rug).

Irishguy952035d ago

****ing hell. They'll tax anything these days

2035d ago
sherimae24132035d ago

its only for NA right?... -_-

zeal0us2035d ago

Yes if it passes, Joe Biden has no power to enforce a tax in another country. Now that doesn't mean foreign politicians won't do the same as Joe Biden.

cl19832035d ago

Other nations already do this.

LoveOfTheGame2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Well only US, I know us North Americans all look alike but please a little consideration lol.

Not only does he not have the power to enforce this tax in other countries, he doesn't have the power to do it here, it is against the constitution and a recent Supreme Court ruling. Of course this is Merica and neither of those things seem to matter when you want them to.

Edit: Spelling error

jc485732035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

f**king retarded. Do you guys know why gas is so expensive? Yup, they are going to do the exact same thing to video games. Placing an excised tax on violent video games does more harm than good to the economy. Millions of people would stop shopping when you actually want them to spend. You are also pushing companies out of business. Tax Activision's CEO and EA problem solved.

yeahokchief2035d ago

I actually love this idea. I mean they're the ones ultimately in charge of deciding which games get made. Punish them instead of gamers who just want to play games.

I bet they'd apply this tax to the non violent video games too.

Doesn't really matter to me because I'd just shop exlucisvely online to avoid sales tax.

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The story is too old to be commented.