eShop-Only Release Won’t Hurt Ace Attorney 5 Says Capcom USA

Yesterday, Capcom announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies would be released as a download-only game in the West, via the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. Ever since, a handful of fans have raised various concerns about the download-only strategy. One of these concerns is that being on the Nintendo eShop will limit the game’s visibility and sales, following its initial launch.

This won’t be the case, says Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson.

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zeal0us2079d ago

When Ace Attorney 5 performs poorly Capcom will come up with some excuse.

Snookies122079d ago

No doubt they will. Capcom has become a joke this generation.

On a side note, how good are these games? I've never played one, but am sort of interested.