10 Legendary Old School Sports Games

Here are some of Nuclear Salad's favorite blast-from-the-past sports games.

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Snookies122077d ago

............Where is Super Dodge Ball? That is the most legendary sports game ever lol.

sullivansmith2077d ago

Damn it.... you're totally right. :)

oof462077d ago

I would like to add Super Spike V-ball to the forgotten list. Also, in my opinion, Track and Field II was far superior to Track and field.

But, great list, nonetheless.

3-4-52077d ago

* RBI Baseball - NES

* Ken Griffy Baseball - SNES

* California Games - Sega ( I get why it may not count )

* Ice Hockey - NES

* Base Wars - NES

* Baseball Stars - NES

* NHL 94 - Genesis

solid list but it missed some true classics