Activision Is Selecting Participants for a “Focus Group” to “Shape the Future of Call of Duty”

MP1st - It appears that Activision is in the midst of selecting participants for a “focus group” through Call of Duty ELITE for an upcoming special event in Los Angeles where attendees will "help improve and shape the future of Call of Duty."

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RmanX10001982d ago

Great they're going to have 12 year olds "reshape" Call of Duty... It'll be exactly the same.

B-radical1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I honestly think they a threatened by battlefield....don't be surprised to see destruction and vehicles in a future cod title

rustyspoon801981d ago

I actually enjoyed the Tanks in WaW and would love to see them come back. The maps would have to get bigger if they did.


I think it's a combination of things.

BF4 is part of it but I think the number of players online in blops2 is on the decline as well.

I have been online on like a friday night or Saturday night and seen around the 300k to 400k mark. Still a lot yes, but compared to past cods it's lower. I think the highest number I have seen online was hitting around the 800k -900k mark and that was last xmas and just after launch.

I think this is due to A, some people are simply tiered of the series. B, a lot of the people who were playing have stopped because it's one of the most frustrating and inconsistent MP experiences ever.

personally I traded in my copy long time ago and I know loads of people on my friends who have stopped playing it and done the same.

say what you like about it, for all the negatives in cod, there is/was just something about it that was fun and addictive. It seems that last little bit of magic has finally been killed off. The frustration has finally tipped the balance.

not everyone has this problem with it, but a lot more people seem to noticing this compared to past cod games to the point it almost feels rigged.

I think that has been the final nail and now that BF4 is looking like it's stepping it up. Acti is starting to see the writing on the wall and they are scared.

pompombrum1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Threatend by battlefield based on what? Battlefield is a completely different style of FPS game.. apples and oranges in all fairness. Not to mention EA are probably pulling DICES strings, if I was Activision, I'd be having popcorn and beer at the ready waiting for EA to shoot themselves in the foot.

CODallday1982d ago

Who's worse?

"all I play is COD and Madden."

"Call of duty sucks. So and So is better and you should stop playing it right now. It's the same thing over and over."

This is the reason i hate this website. Nothing but whiners on it.

icecoldfire1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

or in most places around the world COD or Fifa but yeah both groups really need to growup since i used to be the latter and finally realized let them play what ever they want to, they arent stopping me from playing.

M-M1981d ago

I'm actually curious to see what they have to show for next gen this upcoming week. After the performance I've experienced with Black Ops 2's problems, it will take a lot of convincing to get me to buy another COD.

Soldierone1981d ago

First step, cut ties with the dumb timed exclusive crap. Treat all their customers equally, then take that and run the next COD in beta for a while until it gets a positive response. If it gets it right away, then fix the key issues with it, and be done. Otherwise just keep tweaking it until you have a substantial upgrade from the current game.

That won't properly happen until MS quits pretending the game is an exclusive though....

dazzrazz1981d ago

Don't worry all the help will be provided by those iTz 360noscopezZz ClUtCh / murKzZZzzz MLG pros and the game will end up being the same shit as it is now. Thankfully I've stopped riding the bandwagon with MW2

Mikeyy1980d ago

I acually got a nasty message the other day from a Quck Scoper. I hard scope from a safe position as far away as possible, (you know, like a real sniper). And I picked him off a few times at the "B" Flag.

He then starts sending me messages saying I need to "Grow a pair of balls". I asked him to elaborate, and he tells me "I should take my sniper down into the action". I just told him QS is G.A.Y.

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