Famitsu review scores (5/14/13)

This week's Famitsu reviews include the first and high score for Shin Megami Tensei, Resident Evil: Revelations HD, Valhalla Knights 3, and more.

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1982d ago
DivineAssault 1982d ago

SMT4 is a success! I still havent played one but i think this will be my 1st game of the series that i buy... I have the personas which i love so im sure ill like this too

Inception1982d ago

If SMT 4 will be your 1st try for the main series (note: Persona series are SMT spin-off), than i'll suggest you should watch some video for SMT 4 battle system because the battle system are different from Persona 3 & 4. Here some SMT 4 video for you:

And if you prefer third person view when battle, than you will likely must adapt with the first person view in SMT 4.

RTheRebel1982d ago

SMT4 Collector's Edition Ordered =)

Hicken1982d ago

Did anybody REALLY expect an SMT game to get low scores? If so, you must not know ATLUS very well. They pretty much only do quality, ESPECIALLY in the RPG arena.

It makes me sad, but their games are about the only reason I'd even want a 3DS.

knifefight1982d ago

Well, I agree on SMT and Atlus, but expecting a low score from Famitsu is foolish for just about any game, haha. ^_^