Star Wars and EA is a Good Thing

EA is going to make Star Wars games for the foreseeable future. Read on to find out why it's not only not the end of the world, but it's also a good thing.

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Ikonic1986d ago

Ugh, I dont get why people are starting to think this. EA has tried Star Wars. Look at Star Wars: The Old Republic, they pumped crazy amounts of cash into that game and look where it is now. Its F2P and has about 4 servers that are playable, all thanks to EA and its noose around BioWare. Star Wars is one of my favorite universes and to see EA take it would really be a crushing blow, not only to me but i assume others as well.

N2NOther1985d ago

First of all, thanks for reading!

It's actually proven to be quite successful as F2P. But you've made my point. EA did pump crazy amounts of cash into if. By all accounts it's a quality game (I don't play MMOs) but its an MMO. The landscaper has changed drastically and only a few can truly thrive. With these devs working on single player and smaller scale MP, I see this completely working.

Like I said in the piece, Kathleen Kennedy cares about the property and she has yet to show any signs of improper care for it. I trust her judgment so far.

LoveOfTheGame1985d ago

I'm guessing you never played the first two KOTORs did you? Yeah, EA pretty much destroyed that series so I see maybe a good Battlefront and maybe another out of nowhere game to be good. The rest will be crap.

N2NOther1985d ago

I've played and loved KotOR 1 and liked 2. They made an MMO, which again, by all accounts is good for an MMO. That doesn't mean that EA ruined it. This is the point of my article. To not be hyperbolic and think about it rationally. Yes, EA has made some, maybe even a lot of mistakes but this will be a good thing.

LoveOfTheGame1985d ago

By all accounts it is not a good MMO. If it were good people would have still been willing to pay to play it.

Thinking rationally is not looking that EA has made a lot of mistakes, most of them in the past few years, and thinking "it's a good thing the worst company in America(twice) got exclusive control of a beloved franchise".

Ikonic1985d ago

If you ask me any game that has had millions of dollars pumped into it that went F2P isnt a success. I've played MMO's for a while now including this one and I can say its problems are actually not that bad, but they were numerous and were not fixed in reasonable time. I will say the stories for the most part were good, which shows signs of hope of a single player game but for the most part I just cant trust EA with the franchise.

Bimkoblerutso1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's not that I think they won't pair a good team with the property. They have proven that from a content perspective, they have the potential to make some of the best AAA games around. There are some very, very talented development houses working under the cold, dark shadow of EA.

But EA, as a company, is moving in a direction that I simply will not follow for reasons other than ACTUAL game content. So in that respect, they could produce what could be the greatest Star Wars game ever made, but it would still be ruined by slimy DLC, ridiculously restrictive DRM, online passes etc. etc. You know. General corporate BS.

And I'm sorry that developers feel like consumers should be more accepting of their games despite that corporate BS, but if they willingly throw in with publishers that are going to openly strip them of their integrity, then it shouldn't come as a surprise when their artistic vision isn't getting as much respect as they think it should.

N2NOther1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Again, unfortunately I don't play MMOs so I have no real opinion of the quality but, the game has never been called bad by anyone I know that plays it, but with rare exception, MMOs, regardless of quality, are a hard sell. Just like shooters have a hard time competing with CoD. People like what they like and sink lots of money and time into it. Even WoW has been losing subscribers. The land scape changed and EA and Bioware misjudged it.

Still doesn't make me think they will release bad Star Wars games.

Also, EA just announced that they are doing away with online passes. Don't forget, they are under new management. Lets not call the body dead yet is all I'm saying.

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MultiConsoleGamer1986d ago

Battlefront 3 will happen. That game was 90% complete. EA isn't going to waste those assets.

Kotor 3 will happen.

Jek_Porkins1985d ago

EA will want every Star Wars game on Frostbite Engine, the Battlefront 3 footage that you saw, and keep seeing, died with Free Radical, they've said as much.

Star Wars 1313 will never release looking like what we saw, that too is going to be redone in Frostbite Engine, per EA themselves. So whatever was done, will be scrapped.

Sadly, the developers are all great, but EA is greedy and not the best publisher, so I'm optimistic about the future of Star Wars games.

RuleofOne343 1985d ago

Their are many reason that one can agree or disagree about the EA/Disney deal, but the one that let me sleep better at night is knowing all Star Wars games will remain 3RD party games, multiplatform games. that in it self is reason enough for me to like this deal.

Eldyraen1985d ago

The only sure thing with EA at the helm is we will be getting more SW games than in recent years. Unfortunately that doesn't mean quality titles, just that EA will be more than willing to cash in on a well loved and popular IP.

Its almost a guarantee that we will see a new KotoR or something very similar next gen because of the deal as it will be one of the best sure fire sellers from their perspective as well as being something RPG fans have wanting all generation. The only reason we might not see Battlefront is because it competes with Battlefield (somewhat but not directly) however I still think they will release one during a non-Battlefield release window (same reason as above--people still want it after a gen without). I can see them make a few new IPs but more likely they will cash in on existing ones which would be easier to continue than working on a fully fledged new SW IP (and probably cheaper/less risky).

I don't know if its really a "good thing" with it in their hands however they have the devs and resources to do it justice IF they decide to. I can hope at least while silently not expecting the "best" from recent experiences.

N2NOther1985d ago

What if Battlefront replaces Medal of Honor as their alternate year release?

Eldyraen1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I would rather a 3y wait between each so had time to really innovate and keep things fresh but could see it happen. MoH hasn't been as big as they would had liked lately (more than likely) and we could get a "realistic war shooter" and a more arcade sci fi to break up monotony of oversaturation of modern/near future shooters that have flooded the market past several years.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea. What I would really like though is if KotoR or Battlefront was released every 3 years or so reliably while being a quality game each time. But I would probably be asking for too much.

With SW IP there is plenty of reasons to hope for be best while worrying about "EA".

N2NOther1985d ago

Medal of Honor is effectively dead. They announced this months ago. So it could very well be a Star Wars type shooter on the off years.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. I really do appreciate it.