Ted Price Asks DR: What is the Biggest Problem in the Games Industry?

Welcome to a Daily Reaction special by Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss where we bring on an established developer to come interview us. With the growing success of the daily feature, and the overwhelming response from fans, developers have now started to join in with the discussion and pose your favorite critics some hard hitting questions.

Ted Price, Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games – the studio behind the PlayStation exclusive Resistance and Ratchet & Clank franchises, as well as the upcoming multiplatform game Fuse – asks:

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doctorstrange1985d ago

Oh god, so many things.

Side note: Anyone else want Ted Price to host a chat show?

Ok... just me then.

Foolsjoker1985d ago

I would totally watch that, but I still think he should have taken over for Bob Barker and started the Ted Price is Right.

ltachiUchiha1985d ago

Lol he does look like he can have his own show. I think the problem with the gaming industry nowadays is alot of devs are just looking for a quick way to make more money and forgetting about innovative games. Its not their fault but its big publishers who force these smaller devs to create something more mainstream then just try to be creative and make something new which is a gamble & is understandable why some wont try an be creative. For me if a publisher has billions to back themselves up, they should be the ones taking the risks instead of smaller publishers.

TrendyGamers1985d ago

Ted Price is Always Right - A show where Ted Price is asked questions and no matter what, he's always right.

Majin-vegeta1985d ago

Hah and people still dont think cod is bad for the industry.

Foolsjoker1985d ago

Are you saying CoD is good for the industry?

admiralvic1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Like it or not, it is bringing a diverse group of people into gaming, so it's not a completely evil game. So at the very least, gaming isn't viewed as the nerdy hobby it was 10+ years ago.

Foolsjoker1985d ago

I really don't know if CoD is the example we want to use to show the world what gaming is really about.

MysticStrummer1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"gaming isn't viewed as the nerdy hobby it was 10+ years ago."

True but that's despite Call of Duty, not because of it.

OT - Biggest problem for me is devs copying successful games trying to increase sales of their own, instead of being original and creative or instead of keeping a game true to it's roots.

I'm sure many would say Day One DLC, Season Passes, and other similar money grabs, but we have allowed those things to happen. We can stop them too, but it will take a group effort and we'll have to pass on some good games.

1985d ago
dbjj120881985d ago

Pretty cool of Ted to break from Fuse and interact with the fans.

decimalator1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

doctorstrange is the biggest problem facing the games industry. well, that and a fear of rocking the boat that gives us an endless stream of the same games over and over. But mostly doctorstrange.

doctorstrange1985d ago

I demand that immediate action is taken against this menace

1985d ago
V0LT1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Lets see...Compared to 10+ years ago... Games are dummbed down... you can regen health by standing still, DLC abuse, I can go on and on.

ceballos77mx1985d ago

100% agree with you, I miss looking all over the stages for a healthpack before going into the next area.
And lets not forget the preorder crap and timed exclusive junk, I feel like I'm only buying not even half of the damn game.

shivvy241985d ago

Resistance 3 uses health bar instead of regen, and it was pulled off great !

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