Eidos adding PsOne games to PlayStation Classics?

The ESRB has two games from Eidos rated for the PSP and PlayStation 3: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Siliconera believes the titles will not be remakes but downloadable games on the PlayStation Store.

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paracardium4500d ago

I will be buying these. I highly enjoyed them back in the day.

vitz34499d ago

Same here. Well at least Soul Reaver. Let's hope that this is just the start of more PSone games.

Mcrmarcher4500d ago

At last!!!!!!!! lets hope they and make a sequel, love lok

DrDreadlox4499d ago

The story is just epic. I need to get the whole series so this is awsome news.

Im also very hopeful for a sequel, i just hope that they put some bosses in like they had in the original soul reaver.

[email protected]4499d ago

WOW* Soul reaver was one of my fav games on PSone gen. I want this, I WANT this, I WANT THIS THIS!!!!! ^__^