George Lynch (Dokken/The Lynch Mob) Joins BandFuse Roster

BandFuse broke their official update silence today with an announcement that George Lynch of ex-Dokken fame will be joining the BandFuse roster as an in-game instructor.

Another talking point about this video, is the earlier projected date of BandFuse has been delayed once again, this time to Fall 2013.

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ZBlacktt2035d ago

I first saw them in 1987 opening for Aerosmith. Then again in 1988 on the Monsters of Rock tour.

toymachinesh2035d ago

Nice, you are talking about Dokken though right? Dokken probably won't be in BandFuse because George Lynch...

ZBlacktt2034d ago

Yeah, I'm still deep into the Metal and Hardrock to this day and for life, lol.