New Destiny images include armour close-ups, environment shots

Bungie's Destiny continues to be the source of some mighty fine concept artworks and renders, with no less than 23 new wallpaper-sized shots arriving care of the game's subreddit. I'm starting to get antsy about the absence of actual screenshots, though. Concept artwork in general tends to look gorgeous, after all, and is relatively inexpensive to produce.

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Sandmano2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

This game is really ambitious I hope it meets expectations.

MaxXAttaxX2033d ago

Looks like a medieval fantasy game in some of these pics
There doesn't seem to be a solid theme or design in this game. Not sure if that's a turn off yet, because they haven't really shown anything -_-

Jek_Porkins2033d ago

I'm so intrigued by this game, they are teasing this game little by little, I want to see some gameplay. Maybe at Microsoft's reveal? Would be cool if they got the first live demo on stage or something.

DivineAssault 2033d ago

im very intrigued by this game.. I wanna see more gameplay footage

LoneWolf0192033d ago

to much hype toooooo much >.< and nothing has really been shown lol im hella ready for the nextbox presentation just to see this.

Steelmanner2033d ago

I'm worried that Bungie is trying to be too ambitious with this game. Although they have developed masterpieces like Halo, I's just a little scared they have bitten off more than they can chew. However, if they do pull it off it is Game of the Year hands down.

Allsystemgamer2033d ago

They have the studio to do it. If anyone can do a game like this it's bungie. They're a very passionate crew

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