Zombies, Ability Swapping & More - Potential GTA 5 Cheats

Cheats have traditionally played a pretty big role in Grand Theft Auto Games. GTA5Cheats takes a look at some of the more interesting and potentially groundbreaking cheats we might find in GTA 5 - things like zombie mode (think Call of Duty) and the power to swap your character's special abilities.

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ltachiUchiha1984d ago

Zombies alone will sell millions of copies lol. I swear some of my friends bought black ops 2 just for zombies, im like wtf man lol.

ArchRider1984d ago

I would buy it for sure!

PommyGit1984d ago

Ditto as would all me mates

Wuket1984d ago

Yeah zombies is a pretty big niche these days. Would be interesting to see it with a GTA flavor that's for sure!

Root1984d ago

Well if it's being set in Los Santos then they're going to have to do all the cheats that were found in San Andreas

Wuket1984d ago

Yup that should be a given. I am more interested in seeing what they come up with given how much the game will have improved from GTA 4...

Wuket1984d ago

It could even be DLC as opposed to a cheat if they really wanted to make more money... who knows!

brodychet1983d ago

one of my gaming dreams, to drive around GTA5 with zombies coming at me, heavy overcast rain, drifting around, accidentally crash and find myself left on foot, to fend for myself. Zombies surrounding you, then you switch to an rpg and blow them away XD