D3Publisher announces new Cartoon Network games for 2013

Three new video games based upon Cartoon Network shows are on their way from D3Publisher. Releasing this fall, a new video game title each for 'Adventure Time', 'Regular Show', and 'Ben 10 Omniverse' are currently in the works for a number of platforms.

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SAYGUH1984d ago

Why the hell didn't they put Regular Show on home consoles!? Forget about handhelds, too old for that. Yea ain't spendin more $ on handhelds, I only invest the $ that I have on the console of my choice

CaptainSheep1984d ago

If they make a good Adventure Time game, I just might get it. :P

SactoGamer1984d ago

By all accounts the first Adventure Time game was rather good.

3-4-51984d ago

Am I the only one who thinks all these games are borderline trash. They don't usually add anything to the gaming world....More shovelware...

I could also be 100% wrong though.

n4f1983d ago

regular show, you know how much of a good game they could make with that show.
death kwon do and stuff.