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hiredhelp1984d ago

3gb ram thats huge considering majoraty of PC games take about 2gb witch makes me excited knowing next gen PC games be using more memory bigger games.

Salooh1984d ago

Yes but you forget that Next generation consoles will bring a new level of gaming. So pc will increase the standard memory used from 2 GB to 3-6 GB each game. Don't forget that they will provide better ram such as DDR4 and GDDR5 for the pc after few years. It's good news for pc gamers for at least 2 years from now :). All gonna be happy ^^ . Only ignorants will complain. There is no limitation for longer time then this generation. Because sony learned their mistake. However let's hope MS don't hold the ps4 and pc.

BattleReach1984d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall is in development at the studio which is just a few miles away from my house.. no one cares eh?

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DoomeDx1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Same here dude! Herengracht in amsterdam. I see their office everytime I go to work. They have this Helghast statue in front of the window staring at me everytime im on my bicycle to work (Yes! We dutchies ride bicycles).

Maybe some day ill break a window and collect as many Killzone shadow fall data as I can.

Majin-vegeta1984d ago

Pix??:P Big fan of the Higs i look at them like sort of Space Nazis >_<.

Mr-Dude1984d ago

Their studio is like 150km from my house haha

Ol_G1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

for me more like 30 i live in Almere

hennessey861984d ago

But if they was pretty much maxing the GPU it doesn't really matter how much surplus ram there was.

Truehellfire1984d ago

Finally someone who understands that having an extra 5GB of RAM to play with doesn't mean the game will look better. The GPU can only render so many things on the screen at one time. The extra RAM is in the PS4 to make developing on it easier, decrease load times, and allow more things to be "open" in the background.

Ol_G1983d ago

It still seems a lot of people don't know that or don't care and just think more RAM means better gfx this is stupidity on a whole other level .
Maybe they'll understand if i say it like this
RAM has nothing to do with processing power it's used for temporary saving textures and objects you see in game for fast loading the more you have the less time it takes to load certain areas and if the game is small enough they can almost negate the load times

sway_z1984d ago

...The KillZone demo used 1.5GB VRAM. The total was indeed 3GB.

Lord knows what it is now :)

Salooh1984d ago

If the 3GB include the OS then it's only 2GB used on the game..

I don't know. Someone explain if i'm wrong..

Pandamobile1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Around 5 GB for KZ:SF; probably around 6 GB of total system memory when you include OS features and stuff.

~1,600 MB for CPU jobs.
~128 MB of shared memory.
~3,100 MB for GPU.

LOL_WUT1984d ago

I don't think Sony would let each developer use all of the GB right away would they?

Pandamobile1984d ago

What? You seriously thing Sony's going to introduce artificial limitations on their developers?

Salooh1984d ago

You could look at it this way but there are other ways to look at it. Don't think so because the better the games look and play the better reputation. Most people don't know about the amount of ram the ps3 have. So why would they care how much ram the games use. Even if launch games used all the ram doesn't mean developers can't bring better art and gameplay.