The Last Of Us Offers Up Fine First-Party Farewell For PS3 | Hardcore Gamer

From every indication, Naughty Dog has used their time and experience with the PS3 to get the most out of it for The Last of Us.

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ltachiUchiha1983d ago

Cant wait to get this game. Summer looks like it will be hot.

abzdine1983d ago

this game is gonna rock the world

HammadTheBeast1983d ago

There's still Beyond Two Souls too, and Puppetteer and others. It's good to own a PS3.

AliTheSnake11983d ago

Nathan Drake would make an appearance ? Imagine.

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ltachiUchiha1983d ago

Lol I agree with all of u. This game is going to be a masterpiece no matter what reviewers try an nitpick.

showtimefolks1983d ago

I think we will see more exclusives for ps3 for next 12-18 months

Now is the time for Sony to make a profit on PS3 while they sell ps4 for little loss,

In terms of sales GT6 will do a lot more than last of us

But I am glad I am picking all 3 exclusives for ps3 this year

Last of us
Beyond 2 souls

So of 2013 is the last year for exclusives it's a great way to go out

Sharius1983d ago

it already freaking hot in my country, and this surely turn to mordor in June

ajax171983d ago

Yeah, I can't believe it's almost out! I feel like I've been waiting forever!

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ThatCanadianGuy5141983d ago

Just curious, does 360 have any upcoming games as a good sendoff? It's been pretty quiet lately now that i think of it.

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socks1983d ago

Abandoned. Just like the Xbox. Patterns huh.

cervantes991983d ago

This is why I'm hesitant to purchase the next Xbox. MS just abandons their fan base.

1OddWorld1983d ago

Not only that but they make you pay to enter your house to play with the Next Box. Its part of their continuing efforts to make you pay for things that should really be free.

I am excited about a new cable box though, but will they make me pay to access my cable tv?

LOGICWINS1983d ago


Why do people make it seem like the Last of Us will be the last hurrah for the PS3 in terms of exclusives? The console will be supported until at least 2016.

People forget that GOW2 and Persona 4, one of the BEST games of all time arrived on the PS2 while the PS3/360 were already out.

Sharius1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

i don't mind that, even if TLOU is the final biggest game for PS3, this game is good and i'll enjoy it for sure, i surely will turn to PS4 later year, but i still keep my PS3 to finish my baklog which build up pretty long because of PS+

and if sony can have a deal for some nice HD collection to PS3 like valkyrie profile HD collection, valkyria chronicles HD collection(trophy support), tales of series, Monster hunter HD, final fantasy dissidia HD..... and bunch of cross buy, triple buy game between PS4-PS3-PSV, that fine for me, and i can say that sony live up for thier word in the last remain year of PS3

xBigxBossx1983d ago

Because once the ps4 comes out most people will be retiring their ps3. Besides exclusives I've already moved on the PC. But I will be back for PS4 !!

LOGICWINS1983d ago

"Because once the ps4 comes out most people will be retiring their ps3."

YUP, as soon as the PS4 comes out this fall, the majority of PS3 owners(30-40 million people) will chuck their console out the window in favor of a PS4. 30-40 million people have $500 bucks just stowed away under their pillow for a PS4 and a few games.


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LOGICWINS1983d ago

The PS4 will have BC. You'll just need a decent internet connection and pay a subscription fee (Gaikai) to use it.

Console migration takes time, most people won't upgrade instantly.

Personally, if all my PS Plus content transferred over, then I would gladly sell my PS3.

Campy da Camper1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Yeah that's pretty much what I'm gonna do. Reason being Sony has booko games releasing with the 4. I'm not gonna need my 3 unless some stellar new game comes out on 3 only. With devs saying how easy the 4 is to code for I see the majority putting all their assets towards the new system.

Elda1983d ago

I will definitely be keeping my PS3 until the end of 2014 & still have a PS4 when it releases,because I'm sure the PS4 will have a limited amount of games the first year it's released,this year alone the PS3 will have alot of exclusives releasing this year & after,especially JRPG's & more including PS+ & PSN games.

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jakmckratos1983d ago

Yeah...forget Puppeteer and Beyond Two Souls...

1983d ago
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