GameSpot's Condemned 2: Bloodshot review and video review

Parents, be warned: Condemned 2: Bloodshot is not a game fit for children. At choice moments in Monolith's gruesome and demented first-person horror adventure game, you'll impale rioters on rebar, crush the heads of the homeless in a gigantic vise, and force the faces of far freakier foes into toilet bowls. Every one of these actions is accompanied by blood-spurting visuals, shouted epithets, and the slimy sounds of entrails splattering onto the floor and walls. Like a good slasher flick, the game makes no bones about its controversial content; it lets you decide how you want to execute each maniacal foe and then showcases the mutilation in macabre detail. If you played the game's grisly predecessor, the gore should come as no surprise, though it's still impressive how well Bloodshot manages to one-up the original Condemned's violence at every turn. The volume has certainly been turned up.

The Good
* Gruesome and fulfilling hand-to-hand combat
* A good number of creative weapons to pummel your enemies with
* Excellent, grimy visuals and superb sound design
* Evidence-gathering mechanics have been greatly improved over the original.

The Bad
* Gunplay isn't as good as melee
* With the exception of crime scene, the multiplayer modes are useless
* Some attempts at variety don't work out too well.

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