New Adventure Time, Ben 10 And Regular Show Games Are In Development

The new Adventure Time game is titled Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!, and is being developed once again by WayForward Technologies.

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Root1982d ago about a good well done Dexters Lab game, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Frakazoid, Captain Planet, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo game

Not crappy cartoons thats on these days

Pozzle1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I don't know about Ben 10 or Regular Show, but Adventure Time is a great cartoon. And it's funny too. I'd rather play that than a Captain Planet game, tbh.

Root1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Not really, Adventure Time is average at best and is way over hyped/rated People keep saying it's up to the old golden age of cartoon standards but it's really not.

It's not really that funny to be honest, it's just random and random does not make something funny automatically

Pozzle1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Have you ever re-watched cartoons from your childhood though? Sure, there were some great cartoons back in the 80s and 90s, but I think a lot of people have their nostalgia goggles strapped on too tightly when they reminisce about shows from their childhood.

70s kids call 70s cartoons the "golden age" of cartoons, 80s kids call 80s cartoons the "golden age" of cartoons, 90s kids call 90s cartoons the "golden age" of cartoons, and so on. Nobody wants to admit the cartoons that existed before or after their childhood might be better than the stuff they watched when they were young.

Though I personally wouldn't call most of the cartoons you listed a part of the "golden age" of cartoons, let alone significantly better than the good cartoons that come out nowadays.

cyguration1982d ago

The Regular Show rocks. It's like a show made for gamers, slackers, dropouts and counter-corporate culture aficionados.

The supernatural twists to each episode is great, especially anything involving Skip.

Root1981d ago

Nope...just another bad cartoon made by the crappy cartoon network of today

...."It's like a show made for gamers, slackers, dropouts and counter-corporate culture aficionados"

lol....ok then

Alos881981d ago

"counter-corporate culture aficionados."
That was a pretty corporate way of describing them.

Daver1981d ago

Ive seen 2-3 episodes of that cartoon, it was pretty fun to watch not necessary funny but still fun

SilentNegotiator1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yeah, yeah, you're a 90s kid and you think that everything back in the day was 100x better because of nostalgia. We get it.

Go watch a couple episodes of Captain Planet today without puking.

Of course, many things were lost and many were gained. But come on. There are plenty of enjoyable cartoons not conceived in the late 80s/early 90s. It was a great leap away from $5 budgets and corny writing, though.

Pozzle1981d ago


But seriously, I remember when Captain Planet first aired and it was lame even back then. There must have been kids who watched it because it lasted a while, but nobody ever admitted to liking it for fear of being picked on. lol

maniacmayhem1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


Those cartoons you mentioned are way too old to even market. With the exception of Dexter's Lab and Freakazoid, those other ones you named are just as crappy, especially Johnny Bravo.

You should watch Regular Show, that has to be the best cartoon CN has right now and for me personally is way better than Adventure Time.

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SilentNegotiator1981d ago

Regular Show game?


WeAreLegion1981d ago

Adventure Time! Can we please get one for something that's not made by Nintendo? Even if you port the current game to Vita, I'll buy it at full price. I'm not buying a 3DS again just for that.

BuffMordecai1981d ago

Adventure Time used to be good, but after season 3 the show just flatlined.