Nvidia's SHIELD - Shots From Its Final Design Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has revealed some shots, showcasing the final design of the handheld that can be viewed below."

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BattleReach2035d ago

I lost my interest in the SHIELD when I heard it's price.

zeal0us2035d ago

$150-$250 would be a better price range. Given how there isn't that many Android games that would fully utilized this device to begin with.

Not only that but if a PC gamer really want to play a game, I pretty sure they want to do it in front of their computer instead of streaming it to some small handheld.

GamerToons2035d ago

Agreed. There is no way I can justify paying almost $400 for this. They killed it before it even came out.

GearSkiN2035d ago

just use the money for this years xbox3 and ps4.

jeffgoldwin2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

xbox3 and ps4 are now portable? this is new to me.

TheKayle12035d ago

great piece of hardware could become the best handheld around

GamerToons2035d ago

No not really. It can't do much more than my Nexus 7 with a blutooth and costs around 1.75 times the amount.

jeffgoldwin2035d ago

Your nexus doesn't have a controller nor the the same cpu specs, not even close to the same comparison.

GamerToons2035d ago

@ Jeff.

It won't have the games. My nexus 7 with a bluetooth (controller) can play the crap out of any emu I would wanna play.

Can it stream games from my computer? No but who really cares... no one will use that feature and those that do could've walked ten feet to their PC.

In July the new nexus will be there and while nVidia is out of the picture, it will still be a next gen beast that plays android games.

This thing is a waste of time.

hellvaguy2032d ago

U realize the thing has full access to the android market, so it will be able to play any 1 of 100 emulators on it.

Jyndal2035d ago

I'm interested in this strictly for the ability to have a handheld that I can plug up to a TV. I miss being able to do that with my Sega Nomad.
Ah, memories.