Private online races and chat coming to GT5:P

"…private races with buddies and in-game chat are all in the works… but will not be ready from day one. Will keep you posted on the progress!"

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whoelse3868d ago

Even better! I kind of expect private rooms anyway. Never mind, at least its coming.

Glad to be a gamer3868d ago

Im still undecided on is Gt prologue. Just downloaded the forza 2 march car pack and im remembering how much joy ive had with this game. Just qualified for an online b class tournament in my bmw m3 2008.

To people who have not played forza 2(the first forza ive played had gt4 before this) they won't understand the infatuation but its the way the cars handle,the sense of speed and danger from driving to the limit with simulation damage. Even the graphics on a hd tv are very pretty and although it does not look as realistic as gt the graphical style gives it a very indivdual art look that i kinda love(rather like pes) while it doesn't go for exact realism but rather a representation.

But most of all the online exp due to the passionate community. from buying a beautiful drifter at the auction house, to scrapping a win in a career race/tournament, or creating your own race car right down to the paint work.

Guess im just not ready to move on to another car game just yet with pgr4 and forza2 keeping me warm. Ive decided for me prologue although beautiful just does not have enough features to get me to replace my beloved friends just yet. Come gt5 i think i'll be ready.

mighty_douche3868d ago

Fonza thread??

Either way, each to their own i guess but i think you'll be missing out.

predator3868d ago

should be there from start as of any other racer out there

still getting it though......but should of been there from the start

mighty_douche3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

It will be in there from the start!

I'm not sure what some of you expect from Prologue.

predator3868d ago

well if people keep banging on about prolouge not bein a dmeo it should be there from the start

mighty_douche3868d ago

Well its not a demo, but it aslo isnt a complete game, obviously alot of the feature that will be in GT5 wont be in the prologue.

Thats why its half the price of a full game (£17) because it lacks feature.

forcefullpower3868d ago

What part of there will be damage in the full game do you morons not understand. They said they where not putting damage into the prologue as they wanted it to be proper car damage not just make it look like your car is damaged. Forza damage is unrealistic. This why they want to perfect it and not just throw it in there so wingers can say it's unrealistic.

le killer3868d ago

out of the box! the features that have been standard for about 4 years, are not even present in an 08 release! how long before they are available via a patch?

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The story is too old to be commented.