Rainbow Six Vegas 2's online has issues on PS3

Reports are starting to come in that re indicating that the PS3 versions multiplayer is experiencing some serious issues. If you look in the official forums you will notice a few threads regarding a connection error message that people are receiving when they try and connect to a game.

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sonarus4494d ago

i got it and i have been playing online coop. Working nice. I run on wireless on a not so fast connection and no lag. I havn't gone into the proper online modes though like deathmatch e.t.c.

Atomic4494d ago

the most incompetent developer ever , after assassin's crap , those guys can't seem to know how to develop games.

Mr Seinfeld4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

This game is crap!!! Only supports 720p!!! If your tv doesnt support 720p your only option is last gen 420!!!! Don't waste your money like I did. 420 Isnt even true HD!!!

(NO 1080i or 1080p)

Capt CHAOS4494d ago

It's not all about the resolution.. You've obviously not played descent FPSs (like Counterstrike)..

You'll find most people drop the resolution to get a better framerate. That's more important for good gameplay. Sure hires and high frame rate are what we would all like. But be realistic, the PS3 and 360 graphic cards are good but not THAT great.

JsonHenry4494d ago

Mr Sienfeld - it runs at any Rez on my 360. : )

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BilI Gates4494d ago

This is Noobisoft we're talking about here. Move along now nothing to see here.

longduckdong4494d ago

It is the best sports game I ever played.