DC Universe: Origin Crisis DLC Now Available

Sony Online Entertainment announced today the official release of the DC Universe: Origin Crisis DLC pack. The eternal battle between DC heroes and villains has reached a new level with the huge amount of new content brought by Origin Crisis.

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ltachiUchiha1982d ago

Miss playing this game. I really hope they can bring it over to the ps4.

kraideral1982d ago

If I was SONY, the PS4 would have this and Planetside 2 pre installed!

ltachiUchiha1982d ago

Yup I definitely agree. I cant wait till e3 arrives.

Saryk1982d ago

Started back several days ago, it is fun and free for the most part. Two character slots for free and a good selection of powers. You don't feel gimped. And playing on the PvP server just makes it better!

Hicken1982d ago

This stuff is HARD. Thew new DLC has some good drops, but man does it make you work for em. It's not like previous DLC, where you were pretty much able to get through raids and alerts with only moderate difficulty. No, this time around, even vets like me have to take it slow, and we STILL die a lot. Died 28 times in an alert yesterday.

It's cool though. The challenge is back, and I like it. Haven't gotten around to trying out the new Quantum powers, though.